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    STYPE: Storage PU bed
    General Use: Bedroom Furniture
    Model No.: YGL-9023
    Materials: Resistant Fire PU and foam, composite board, MDF, solid wood, Bed slat,Metal frame
    Color: All color can be available
    Brand: HAOERMEI
    Measurement: Double, King OR CUSTOMIZED
    Description: Resistant fire PU and foam with excellent stability.
    Business style: M…[ 続きを読む ]

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    Wuxi Puxin is a machinery factory professionaly produce equipments making plates straigit, seitioning, cutting, as the units of correctiy even, longiludinally, cutting, shearing to slice, and the produce line of the corrceting even, the machine set of circle dish longituolinally cutting.

    The units our produced were evtersive used in the…[ 続きを読む ]

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    M45 CCP-26 Clinch Clips Similar to Vertex Series 76A18S
    Product Description:
    Series Model Crown Inside Width Height Packing
    M45 SeriesCCP-26 11mm 5,0mm 12.5mm 10000pcs/ctn


    Packaging Details:As customer requirment.
    Delivery Detail:15~30 days as per your quantity
    Decoration, furniture, wooder box, shoe making…[ 続きを読む ]

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    Our History
    Nantong Powerful Pneumatic & Electrical Technologies Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rudong Hongxin Machinery Co.,Ltd which is committed to promoting pneumatic products to the world. established in 2016, located in Nantong city, Jiangsu province, China, which covers an area of 56,000 square meters with a variety of CNC…[ 続きを読む ]

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    Xiamen Blessing Glass Whiteboard Manufacturing Co., Ltd
    Only Glass Whiteboard ! Never Ghosting !

    Established in 2009, Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory only focus on innovative glass whiteboards industry as a leading manufacturer in the world for 10 years. We are offering people A Never Ghosting Fashion Colored…[ 続きを読む ]

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    HT UV sterilizer used for water, air and surface disinfection is based on the germicidal effect of UV radiation. UV radiation is electromagnetic radiation between x-rays and visible light. UV wavelengths range from 100-400 nanometers. The design of UV sterilizer systems depends on the required UV dose, flow rate and physical and chemical…[ 続きを読む ]

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    GT03 Electric Mobility Scooter, Electric Tricycle, Senior Mobile Scooter
    GT03 electric tricycle mobility scooter is both fun and functional with plenty of storage, including a removable grocery basket in the front, unique fashionable design for both head and rear lights. It can travel at speeds of up to 25km/h. You can go a distance of 60km. You…[ 続きを読む ]

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    Item No:OEM516,OEM540,OEM360,OEM210,OEM500
    Ingredient: Beewax,camauba wax,perfume etc
    plastic bottle with high density sponge applicator for long use.
    OEM high gloss shoe polish is made by adopting the latest processing technic.It richly contains camauba wax and other imported raw…[ 続きを読む ]

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    鈥?Our History
    Xiamen Xinhengjie Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Has been in China for more than 10 years, focusing on high quality hardware and fasteners. We were originally a small business but now we are one of the leading suppliers of fasteners in China.
    Today, Xiamen Xinheng Jie Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has become one of the top manufacturers o…[ 続きを読む ]

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